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Om Ändå Du - 1996

Nr  Namn Video
01. Om ändå du Visa
02. I can't wait Visa


Reconciliation - 1998

Nr  Namn Video
01. Sensitive Visa
02. Don't interfere
03. Reconciliation
04. It's too late
05. Cherish the day
06. I'll be good to you

Visions of love


08. Don't wanna be in love
09. Won't you be there
10. It's OK


Swedish Gold - 2002

Nr  Namn Video
01. With a song in my heart
02. I'll be yours
03. In a sentimental mood
04. Crazy about you
05. When I fall in love
06. I give it up

You don't know what love is


08. Feel free
09. Keep holding on


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